Mechanical inspection

Station for Technical inspection EMSHA is offering you the following services :

  • Mechanical inspection of all passenger motor
  • Mechanical inspection of all cargo motor vehicles
  • Mechanical inspection of trailers
  • Mechanical inspection of all motor propulsion vehicles with two, three or four wheels
  • Mechanical inspection of tractors and tractor trailers
  • Registration services
  • Inspection (control) of analog and digital tachographs
  • AUTHORISATION for driving foreign motor vehicle in abroad
  • Certificate for fullness on TEU for passenger vehicles
  • Certificate for fullness on TEU for cargo vehicles
  • HOMOLOGATION for vehicles
  • ATEST- Approval for transformed vehicles
  • CEMT- Examination for traffic vehicles readiness
  • ADR – Examination on vehicles which transport dangerous materials

Special benefit:

Station for Mechanical Inspection EMSA can offer you the following benefits (free of charge) for passenger vehicles, for which you get service book for the finished technical examination of your vehicle :

  • Mounting and dismounting of tyres
  • Tyre attaching
  • Tyre balancing
  • Alignment of front and back furrow
  • Fixing the lights of your vehicle
  • Mounting of registration plates
  • Examination of suspensions
  • Cleaning of your vehicle (manually/with machine)
  • Greasing of cargo vehicle/tractor