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Vehicle Technical Inspection Services | Emsa Sped

Let us be the right choice for your vehicle and let us to increase your safety on the road.  We are unique in our quality and our technical services. Our vast experience and our modern methods provide you with the much needed safety for your vehicle. Thanks to our professional employees, STATION FOR TECHNICAL INSPECTION EMSA is ready in every moment to respond to yours requests and needs.

Our mechanical inspection station is standing to your disposal, which offers you fast, complete and safe service for your vehicle. Our clients and theirs safety is always on the first place. The vast numbers of vehicles that pass through our everyday inspection station are proof for quality service. Put your trust of your vehicle with us and we are going to take care of it properly.

Mechanical inspection

mechanical inspection emsa sped

Station for Technical inspection EMSHA is offering you the following services:

  • Mechanical inspection of all passenger motor
  • Mechanical inspection of all cargo motor vehicles
  • Mechanical inspection of trailers
  • Mechanical inspection of all motor propulsion vehicles with two, three or four wheels
  • Mechanical inspection of tractors and tractor trailers
  • Registration services
  • Inspection (control) of analog and digital tachographs
  • AUTHORIZATION for driving foreign motor vehicle in abroad
  • Certificate for fullness on TEU for passenger vehicles
  • Certificate for fullness on TEU for cargo vehicles
  • HOMOLOGATION for vehicles
  • ATEST- Approval for transformed vehicles
  • CEMT- Examination for traffic vehicles readiness
  • ADR – Examination on vehicles which transport dangerous materials
mechanical inspection emsa sped
Special benefit
tyre attaching, balancing, alignment

Station for Mechanical Inspection EMSA can offer you the following services :

  • Mounting and dismounting of tyres
  • Tyre attaching
  • Tyre balancing
  • Alignment of front and back furrow
  • Fixing the lights of your vehicle
  • Examination of suspensions
  • Cleaning of your vehicle (manually/with machine)
  • Greasing of cargo vehicle/tractor
tyre attaching, balancing, alignment


Mechanical inspection station Emsa

Registration extension

Required documents :

  • Registration request (prepares STP EMSA)
  • Licence and registration, identification card of the owner
  • Personal permit for registration (legal entities)

first registration

Required documents : 

  • Registration request (prepares STP EMSA)
  • Purchase invoice
  • Customs certificate and declaration
  • Homalogation
  • ID card and the owner personal

  • Registration entitlement (legal entities)
IT-093-33 tachographs


STP EMSHA is accredited workshop for calibration of analog and digital tachographs according to MKC EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 standard type C. Is authorized to perform the activity by the Ministry of transport and Communications.

Inspection and calibration of digital and analog tachographs is obligatory and is made on every 2 years .Also when changing and or repair of the tachograph or changing the dimensions of the tyres.

Accredited inspection body

Accreditation certificate number

IT – 093

Accredited body

Inspection body for analog tachographs, digital tachographs


Str.Industriska n’28, 1440 Negotino
phone number. 072-218-985

Brief description of the accreditation scope

Inspection (control) of analog and digital tachographs

First accreditation


Date of the certificate validity


international driving licence

Required documents :

  • 2 photographs
  • Driving licence
  • ID or passport

The duration of the international driving licence is 3 years. The price is 880,00 denars.

Authorization to drive another persons vehicle abroad

Required documents :

  • Vehicle registration document
  • Personally the owner of the vehicle with identification document
  • User of the vehicle with passport

The duration of the authorization is 1 year. The prize is 570,00 denars


In AM Cert you can make inspection of the readiness of your vehicle for international transport.

Technical inspection of vehicles

Technical inspections are performed out in order to check the roadworthiness of vehicles participating in road traffic.

The technical inspection is the procedure whereby the legal person for technical inspection determines the data about the vehicle, its systems, components and separate technical units and equipment, as well as the fulfillment of other requirements for them stipulated by the Law on vehicles, the regulations adopted basis of that law and the manufacturer’s instructions for devices and equipment used in technical inspections.

When the technical inspection is performing, it determines whether the vehicle was in good condition prescribed devices, particularly device management, power brakes, tires and appliances for giving light signals to illuminate the road and the vehicle and combustion gases , and whether they meet the other requirements for participation in traffic.

The Law on vehicles provided two types of technical inspection on vehicles:

  • Regular technical inspection
  • Regular periodic technical inspection
  • Extraordinary technical review

Regular technical inspection


Vehicles involved in road traffic, with the exception of tillers and working machines, must be examined on the first and on the periodic technical inspections.

Description of the procedure

  1. The technical inspection of the vehicle is performed by two controllers simultaneously, one in the vehicle who is operating with it and another undertaking the technical examination of the vehicle.
  2. The owner or holder of the right to use the vehicle may monitor the technical inspection performed on the vehicle.
  3. The technical inspection will be performed only if the vehicle is clean stained and there is no visible damage to the body of the vehicle.
  4. Usually the technical inspection is performed on empty vehicle only with the controller that manages or driver and controller and the mandatory equipment, with except for the technical examination of the vehicle off due to a technical malfunction that can be performed out on loaded vehicle (Associate technical inspection).
  5. If the technical inspection determined that the vehicle is technically correct, then is issued a written document that appoints deadline when the vehicle needs to come again on technical inspection.


Periodical technical examination are made every six months for :

  • vehicles for public transportation
  • buses,
  • vehicles that are used to qualify the candidates for driving ,
  • vehicles that are used for transportation of kids ,
  • vehicles that have right to pass first, escort vehicles, or vehicles that are used by the fire department
  • rent a car vehicles and
  • vehicles used for transportation of dangerous materials

Extraordinary technical inspection

Extraordinary technical inspections are performed over vehicles by the written order of the authorized official in cases and manner specified by the law to perform their inspection. The extraordinary technical inspection does not affect the deadline for execution of periodic technical inspection.

The procedure for performing technical inspection takes place in the following stages laid down by the Regulation on technical inspection of motor vehicles and trailers, tractors and agricultural tractors :

  • Identification of the vehicle
  • Check the mass values and the dimensions of the vehicle
  • Drainage device and discharge of combustion gases
  • Examination of the breaking device
  • Overview of devices enabling normal visibility
  • Examination of the traction coupling device of the towing vehicle and trailer
  • Review of the driving plant body or the self-sustaining construction
  • Axles, wheels and tyre inspection
  • Steering system inspection
  • Engine inspection and inspection of driving devices
  • Visual and light – signalizing inspection
  • Control and signalizing inspection
  • Audio/sound signalization inspection
  • Inspection of other devices and equipment