Today, EMSA SPED’s primary activity is transportation of all kind of goods everywhere around Europe ( Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, England etc…).

        EMSA SPED also gives an opportunity for a longterm cooperation on contract bases  to all transport companies which have one or more trucks with CEMT license or the trucks are owned by a company registered in country member of EU ( with EU license) for doing transport of goods all around Europe.

        The job done by us must be on a high professional level, all of our trucks and all the trucks driving for us are ADR certified, all of the drivers have ADR licenses. We specifically care about the safety of your cargo, so all the trucks owned by EMSA SPED have CMR insurance policies issued by a prestige Austrian Insurance Company. We can offer the same possibility to all transporters working for EMSA SPED on contract bases,  in which way we guarantee complete safety for your cargo and for the transporters, too. You can leave us your cargo, we guarantee for its safety, you can always be sure that your cargo will be loaded and unloaded by the same driver under his complete responsibility.

        At the moment we are working with more than 200 trucks (standard, mega, 3 axle…) on a many different destinations. All trucks has installed GPS devices in which way we guarantee for well-timed, responsible and advanced planned delivery of the cargo that we are transporting.

        For more details you can always call us or e-mail us to the contact details given in the Menu > Contacts.