General Manager - Mr. Emshov Marjan

      Love for his work, investing lots of effort and means of course, but very often and abnegation of some casual satisfactions, correct cooperation with the business partners and very strong wish for success are the main postulates for becoming quality road transporter, not only in Macedonia but even wider. Those are the goals achieved by Mr. Marjan Emshov, owner of two transport companies.

    He is born 16.08.1975 in Negotino.

   Since he was young boy, he has appeared a wish for working with heavy transport and only with his personal effort he has accomplished major success in the field of the international transport.

      In 1999 he established company named EMSA SPED DOOEL situated in Negotino, Macedonia.

     In 2008 he established one more company IMPERIAL SPED EOOD in Bulgaria, in which way he increases the volume of his activity.

      He is establisher and owner of both companies since their establishing until present. As a result of his pledges in the area of transport are the 80 trucks owned by both his companies and more than 150 trucks which are driving for his companies on Contract bases, so total more than 200 trucks.

      His goals are constantly expanding the volume of the work through increasing the number of the vehicles and business partners from Macedonia and everywhere around Europe.